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About the Developer

AGOG Entertainment is an independent game studio started by Robert and Kate Hubert. They have previously released 7 mobile titles and taken part in several other indie projects. More recently the team was joined by Brian Howard, Mike Geaney, and Trevor Malone in 2019 to develop Brutal Grounds. The developers have been gaming together for over a decade. In the early 2000s a few of those games were a source of inspiration that led them to start developing games. The team works on the game remotely while also working their day jobs - with two team members in California and three in Canada. In 2020, the team was joined by the extremely talented Rory Given to compose the score for Brutal Grounds.



Brutal Grounds is a competitive top-down ball-rolling arena shooter where players equip a meat-filled-marble with various weapons & abilities and take to the arena to battle it out in games of capture the flag, king of the hill, deathmatch, and more.


Aptly described as "Marble Madness meets Unreal Tournament" - Brutal Grounds is a fast-paced competitive shooter inspired by games like Unreal Tournament combined with a modern eSports focused design of games like Rocket League. Players equip their Brute (a war ball) with various weapons and abilities and take to the arena to battle it out in classic game modes like Capture the Flag, Control, Deathmatch, and more. Battles take place from a top-down perspective on thoughtfully designed maps requiring a high level of situational awareness - creating a play-style that relies not only on mechanical skill, but also map strategy, area control, passing, and team-play. With no characters or back-stories, Brutal Grounds totally removes the “Hero” component in order to focus on a unifying balanced movement and fighting system that makes the gameplay much more like an actual sport. Players use and abuse momentum, take advantage of weapon recoil, abilities, and other unique movement strategies that allow for exciting and visually engaging fights to unfold.

Select from a growing collection of weapons and abilities, with 200 unique load-out combinations to help you deal damage, assist, or survive -- how you decide to play is totally up to you.

Brutal Grounds centers around teams of 4 players for team games, and 8 players for solo games. New players will find the low skill floor refreshing while seasoned players will enjoy an extremely high skill ceiling for those who want to play competitively and hone their craft.

Built with today's eSports and streaming game community in mind, the game includes full spectator and caster view controls.

Development Stage

Alpha - Join by request

The team is now letting more players into the alpha. If interested, you can request keys by joining the Brutal Grounds Discord Server


Currently looking for publishers / funding / partners

Pitch deck and budget available upon request

Release Date

PC release date is TBD with a target for 2022.




Game Overview - Explainer Video

Teaser Video

Gameplay Video

Brutal Grounds Main Title OST

Brutal Grounds League Tournament


Developer Notes

The majority of our development work has been focused on gameplay mechanics, balance, weapons, and abilities. Followed by massive amounts of work under the hood: including networking, lag compensation, anti-hack processes, and keeping things optimized. We've been keeping the future in mind and building our code to scale and rapidly prototype new ideas. Initial development of our Dedicated servers have been completed and are in use. Finally, we have been working to support multiple operating systems, including Mac and Linux as well as begun to add controller support, which is also proof of concept for future console support.

Some of the 3D environmental artwork is still in development. And we are actively working on additional maps and themes. Many of the VFX are currently in development. Some audio musical elements are still in draft stages.

We typically release updates on a weekly cadence. We are in an active sprint for the next few months.

Patch Notes are posted to our discord server here:

For a more robust view of our progress and roadmap for what we have planned for Brutal Grounds, we invite you to view our pitch deck - Available upon request.


  • Press Start LA - Los Angeles CA - 2019

  • IndieCade, Santa Monica CA - 2019

  • IndieSpeak - Santa Ana, CA 2019

  • Global Game Nights - Play Crafting 2020

  • The Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #5 - 2021 - FINALIST

Brutal Grounds Team

Robert Hubert - Dev Director, Community Management, Sound

Brian Howard - Lead Programmer

Kat Hubert - Art / Programmer

Mike Geaney - Programmer

Trevor Malone - Programmer

Rory Given - Music